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Young Education Changers


Are you tired of mindlessly taking notes during lectures?

Are your online classes feeling like a drag with all those mute/video off squares on zoom?

Yes, we feel you on this and believe that it’s time to change the way we approach higher education! 

If you are currently enrolled in a Serbian university, really passionate about your subject - join the global initiative Young Educational Leaders by Clasee!


You will finally get a sense of exciting learning space where you can share ideas, opinions and personal experiences within academia. And only you can choose what you choose to focus on, be it medicine, journalism or filmmaking.

Who we are?

We launched Wizum to motivate knowledge sharing among students in easy-to-understand and fun format! We believe that new learning formats should unleash the creative potential of students allowing them to share their insights with others.

Agree, it's much easier when a hard topic is explained in simple words by your friends and very shortly. That's why we invite you share substantively and creatively the topics, that you know well with your peers, and they will help you to understand other difficult subjects. 

believe that the future is in the hands of the

young and ambitious!


How to participate?

Choose any subject or topic from your studies that you are interested in (or several)

Make a video or series of videos up to 3 min long, explaining a topic or presenting notes for the seminar / exam that you would like to share

Download Wizum app, create an account and upload your videos 


Tell your friends, let them watch and rate your videos, as the number of views and rates will bring you the victory

Wait for the voting results and become Education changer!

Detailed instructions for participation


You can also download detailed instructions in English here

If you have any questions, ask us here

A bit of technical requirements 


Videos should be up to 3 minutes long! The app restrictions won't let you upload longer ones.


Explain difficult topics simply and creatively! 


You may choose any language, but English is preferable. Let’s aim big and go global!


Shoot vertically! Make the clips watchable and fun

What and how to win

Young Education Changer


Prize  - 100 EUR

The winner is defined by the number of views and rating in any language 

Global Education Leader


Prize  - 100 EUR

The winner is defined by the number of views and rating in English

Participation bonuses

  • Certificate of participation (that would look good on your resume or Linkedin page);

  • Networking with field professionals and creators from across the world;

  • Exciting prizes from our partners;

  • An opportunity to participate in Clasee community and party!

Competition timeline



 January 24 - International Education Day


Voting for the winners -

February 28 


Awarding and


March 4


End videos upload period - 25 February


Winners announcement - March 


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